Miracle Motor Company Limited


Miracle Motors is a venture to promote quality biking in Uganda. With years of experience and expertise in the motorcyle and scooter sector, we proudly present Mahindra Duro, a perfect pride for African terrain. A robust, fast and end-to-end two-wheeler solution for your prompt business.

Recently there has been a rapid growth in the requirement of Indian two wheelers around the globe due to their specific characteristics like high fuel efficiency, power, comfort combined with low maintenance cost. We have established ourselves into this two wheelers sector of the East African market and capitalized by gaining experiences through building a customer base.

Africa has been one of the top importers of Indian automobiles due to the nature of their topography and customer requisites. The emergence of auto-geared scooters in these markets have shown a drametic increase in the export volumes over the last decade. The two wheelers category is expected to see a further growth and according to industry experts it will drive all other category of two-wheelers to the periphery.

Miracle Motors possess all the experiences and work force to accomplish our services with professionalism. Our working style differs in the way that we share our work load with our various co-operators in business. We put customer first in everything we do and hence take decisions based on them.


We deal only with products from a reputated, exclusive & trusted brands. Miracle Motors believes in delivering value-for-money. This can be attained by being honest, sincere, open minded and transparent in our dealings.


Delivering two wheelers only from the exclusive, reputed and trusted brands of Indian markets. We shall always focus on serving our customer where we can build long term relationships by raising their lifestyle by providing value added two wheeler products. We hope our all-in-one stop solution will always exceed the changing needs of our customers.

In this business we proudly say our experiences are our most valuable assets and we intend to develop them to achieve international level of professionalism.

As a result of professional, with time we shall grow continuously innovating our business processes to provide creative value and knowledge across to our customers.

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